10 tips for advanced poker players

When you reach a certain level, you think you have already reached the top as a player, but in reality, you can still keep improving to become a very pro expert player. Although you may already be seasoned enough to seek advice, we are going to give you 10 tips for playing poker that can help you polish those aspects that distance you from the best poker players.

Delve into theory

A classic. A good tip for advanced level poker is to dig deeper into theory, as it is the foundation of everything.

You already know that training in poker is crucial, but it is one thing to study generic manuals for newbies and quite another to look for specific information on a specific strategy, a way of playing or an aspect of the game. It is there where important knowledge is really acquired, and it is vital that you have curiosity and interest in investigating more.

Spend time analyzing sessions

Do not think that because you are experienced and seasoned you will not need the help of game analysis programs. In fact, it is important that you are clear that you are going to have to analyze almost all your plays to try to improve.

It is normal if it is more difficult for you to find weaknesses in your game (a good sign, it means that you are getting better every time), but it would be strange if you did not have where to scratch to polish those small details.

Focus your game on a single modality

Although it is good to be curious and keep your mind stimulated by learning new things in other modalities, in reality when you are leveling up and you intend to play high-class competitions, it is advisable not to distract your mind with other fronts.

It is better that you focus on a poker modality, the one that you have worked the most on and in which you have concentrated all your efforts to improve. It is good poker advice that all professional players follow.

Set ambitious game plans

Another of the poker tips for advanced players like you is to create more ambitious game plans. By game plan we understand a routine, a discipline mechanism that forces you to dedicate X time to poker so that you continue to improve, enjoy and win.

Do not think that by leveling up you do not need it, but you will have to adapt it to new needs.

Take on the best

One of the best tips for playing poker that we can give you when you have a certain level. There is no better way to measure your level and your fitness as a player than by facing those who are really good at poker.

That will let you know how far your skill reaches, and if those hours of effort have really been worth it. And believe us: you can be pleasantly surprised.

Master the bluff

When you have a sufficient level, the lantern becomes an indispensable tool in the game. And it is bidirectional, that is, the thing is not only about knowing how to do it well, but about knowing how to read when an opponent is bluffing you.

Mastering it requires skill and a lot of experience, but at this point it shouldn’t be a problem. It is the moment to work well on the bluff, the reading of tells and to take more care of the image that you transmit, which we will talk about next.

Sharpen your image on the table

It may sound silly, but for poker it is one of the most useful professional advices that we can give you because the image that you will transmit will define a good part of the decision-making of your rivals. The preflop game will be a reflection of your image and what others see in you, and that will condition the decisions in later streets.

Keep in mind that this has been worked on since you are a beginner, but it is now when it acquires a new dimension.

Open mind and a lot of humility always

Perhaps a somewhat atypical advanced level poker tip, but it never hurts to remember. Humility and open-mindedness take those predisposed to learn a long way.

Although there have been figures with an egocentric and arrogant character (Stu Ungar was a born provocateur, excellent at playing poker and with a natural talent for reading the games), usually the basis for growing as a player starts from humility.

Take care of mind and body

The experience of players like Daniel Negreanu makes it necessary to stress the importance of taking care of your body. Poker requires dedication, and the body can take that overexertion. Following a varied diet based on the consumption of fruits and vegetables is essential, as well as encouraging the practice of exercise at least three times a week.

Of all the tips to win at poker that we can give you, perhaps this is one of the ones that you will be able to get the most out of. We are talking about a healthy routine that will allow you to keep your body in perfect condition not only for poker, but for any activity you do in your day to day.

10 tips for advanced poker players