Poker Union: what is it and how is it formed?

In the process of growing as a player, it is normal to set more ambitious goals and objectives in the short and long term to establish a roadmap that allows you to cover more and more aspects and learn more and more about the vast world of online poker.

Precisely the digital version of this game or card sport, as some already consider it, has welcomed what has been for many the revolution of gambling: the creation of clubs and unions. But how do they work? Before telling you more about these associations, let’s explain what a union is in poker, where they come from and what players are looking for by being part of one.

We will make you a spoiler: a player cannot be part of a union directly, but it is the club, after the player’s authorized access, which becomes part of a poker union. To familiarize ourselves with the terminology and speak properly.

Poker Union: what is it?

A poker syndicate is a system of clubs, which establish a symbiotic relationship with the syndicate, both benefiting from the advantages that each one provides. There is one crucial thing to understand about online poker, and if you are a newcomer, you may not even have thought about it: online poker is based on the amount of players. Without traffic, there is no play. And without play, what would happen to the rooms?

It’s a critical question, and that’s where the players’ associations, the clubs, came from:

  • To have recurring players whenever a user did matchmaking, in order to avoid deserted rooms and improving the player experience.
  • Benefit from the growing traffic to expand, improving the variety of rooms and developing enough capacity to create games adapted to all levels.
  • The success and consolidation of poker clubs is not at all uncommon. In fact, the concern to have an increasing volume of traffic to avoid deserted rooms is something that has led many players to stop being lone wolves and apply for access to clubs, which have a series of rights and obligations that they make known to users to promote coexistence, fair play and establish beneficial ties between all parties from the moment they become members.

How do you form a poker union?

The growth of the clubs led them to think big. There came a time when it was clear that these player associations had been a success: traffic was not a problem, the variety of rooms and game types was guaranteed, and the flow of users was constant.

The logical step was to expand that association and have several clubs join together to benefit from exactly the same advantages as users and clubs, only now those benefits would take place between clubs.

That’s where poker unions come from, from the union of several clubs looking to grow and expand their respective communities. This makes the ecosystem under which they operate much richer and more varied, guaranteeing experiences at the level of what the most demanding users are looking for, without waiting times when joining rooms, and with the umbrella and security provided by the poker union, offering a basis for deposits and withdrawals without fissures.

Advantages of integrating your club in a poker union

There are many advantages of integrating a poker club in a union, and these benefits are enjoyed both in the case that you have been the creator of the club, and if you are a member adhered afterwards.

The benefits are divided in three fronts: security, variety and traffic, and in all of them the potential to grow at an individual level as well as at a group level is very high. Therefore, the option of going it alone is only attractive for those who have already developed a career behind them without the backing of clubs or unions, and even so many poker “pros” decide to become part of the star staff of some clubs as part of commercial agreements.

  • Security. In online poker, security plays a crucial role. Thanks to a robust network infrastructure, it is possible to make deposits, withdrawals, transfers and enable micropayments on some platforms with this option built in without compromising or exposing the data entered. In addition, security also plays an important role in the fight against fraud, unfair gambling and cheating, thanks to the integration of advanced digital resources that are indispensable today.
  • Variety. The growing number of players that are part of the clubs made it a priority to include several poker modalities in the platforms, with their respective game modes: Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker, especially with their Pot Limit, No Limit or fixed limit versions.
  • Traffic. Online poker is based on its community, and this must be nurtured and grow to ensure the proper functioning of the rooms. This allows matchmaking to be instantaneous, neutralizes waiting times and makes entering, leaving and changing rooms much more agile.
Poker Union: what is it and how is it formed?