Since it was launched in 2019, Pokerbros has not ceased to cause a furor among poker lovers. In this Pokerbros Review we discuss the most interesting points about this app, which has the honor of being considered one of the safest poker applications in the world. The secret? A team of experts using the most pioneering technology to guarantee fair play.

Players should bear in mind that:

  • PokerBROS is not a sponsor of or in any way involved with this promotional activity, nor does PokerBROS endorse it.
  • PokerBROS is an online social gaming platform and does not provide any real money service.

What are the points of this Pokerbros Review? We’ll tell you!

Pokerbros How it works?

The Pokerbros app has been specifically designed for mobile devices, although, with the help of an emulator, it is also possible to play on the computer. Both iOS and Android users can experience the large doses of excitement and fun that this app promises. Pokerbros has invested a good amount of resources, not only to offer a modern interface design and some of the most remarkable graphics, but also to offer as many games and doses of fun as possible. Thus, the Pokerbros strategy was focused, from the first moment, to guarantee an unparalleled experience to poker lovers. But how does Pokerbros work? We tell you the steps to follow to install the Pokerbros app on your mobile device.


Downloading the Pokerbros app is the first step. As mentioned above, the app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You can download it by clicking on the links below:


With the app downloaded on your device, you can now perform the second step: create an account on Pokerbros.  Click on “register” at the bottom of the window and enter your desired username and password. You will be asked to verify your password a second time and then click on “Register”. You have now created your Pokerbros account! Choose a nickname or take the one the app suggests by default.


At the top right, next to the avatar icon, you will see a button with three stripes. Click there to link your email to your new Pokerbros account.  Fill in the “Email” field with your email address and click on “Get verification code”. To finish this process, go to your email address, copy the verification code and copy it into the Pokerbros app. Click on “Link email”. And now it’s time to check the list of Pokerbros clubs!

We remind you the IDs of the best Clubs Pokerbros!


ID: 1640957

At this point, you already know how to download and register in the Pokerbros app and you know how to join a Pokerbros club. Now we will reveal some of the features you will find in the Pokerbros app.

Let’s go!

Pokerbros VIP

Along with a powerful game offer, thanks to the fact that it has some of the most important poker clubs unions nowadays, Pokerbros presents some attractions that, for sure, will interest you, such as the Pokerbros VIP system.

Under the guise of VIP cards, they are a tool to improve your game. Thanks to the VIP cards, which have an expiration of 30, 90 or 365 days, you can unlock a variety of interesting features.

Depending on the variety of the Pokerbros VIP card, gold, silver or bronze, you can access one or another extra feature, among which we can highlight:

  • Time bank: ill give you a great advantage – and relief – especially in the MTT format, as it is activated when your usual time to act, has run out.
  • Tags: in the app, players can have up to 1,000 tags. With a gold VIP card, you double that amount, allowing you to take detailed notes on your opponents. This feature is very beneficial if you are wondering how to win on the Pokerbros app.
  • Rabbit hunt: What would the next card have brought you? Find out thanks to this tool that is unlocked with the Gold, Silver or Bronze VIP cards.

Advantages of playing at Pokerbros


The Pokerbros app's accessibility to players from around the world translates into high traffic and action 24 hours a day. The majority of players are from the United States, so the highest peak traffic coincides with the evenings in Central America. Click to get more info.

Variety of games

The types of games you can find in the Pokerbros app are varied: NLH, PLO, PLO5c, MTTs and OFC. All with constant action. The availability of variants, game formats and betting levels or buy-ins are subject to each club.


The Pokerbros app has security certificates that guarantee the reliability of this app. Issued by Gaming Labs, iTech Labs and BMM Testlabs, players can enjoy regular games and tournaments on Pokerbros app with total guarantee of experiencing a clean and safe game.

Fishes paradise

One of the great attractions of the Pokerbros app. It has a good base of recreational players, so the action is usually smooth. Ideal to get you started in the world of poker and also for level players who want to hang out.

Pokerbros Tournaments: MTT, SnG, Spin y Freerolls

In addition to hundreds of active tables, thanks to the high traffic the app enjoys, you can access dozens of tournaments every hour! The Pokerbros tournament offer includes the following:

Multi-table tournaments (Pokerbros MTT)

The Pokerbros MTTs have reached such popularity and relevance that they have nothing to envy to those that take place in a poker room. The MTTs were the main responsible for the boom of online poker and, in Pokerbros, they could not not include them in their recreational offer.  If you want to access the Pokerbros tournament schedule, you will see a good number of tournaments available at any time of the day. This schedule basically consists of 8-max tournaments with buy-ins ranging from 40 to 100 (1 or 2 MTTs start every hour). On average, they attract several dozen participants eager to win the prize pools, which can reach 6,000. However, if there is one thing that defines Pokerbros MTTs, it is the level of its players: soft. The majority presence of American recreational players allows the development of a quiet game, without giving up all the excitement. The vast majority of tournaments have a deep structure, with blind levels that increase between 7-12 minutes.

Sit and Go Tournaments

Pokerbros is aware that you don’t always have the time to play a game with your friends. That is why they launched the Spins tournaments, a three-player format that is played at high speed.  The pot is fixed before the start of the game. A reel is spun and determines the amount of the pot. The game starts before the first card is dealt. The tournament ends when there is only one player left. The buy-in levels vary between 100 and 5,000 gold chips. To start playing, just click on the Spin tab in the Tournaments section. In addition, you can choose between the classic No Limit Hold’em format or the popular four-card Pot Limit Omaha. The blinds go up every two minutes, so the excitement is guaranteed.

Pokerbros freerolls

Pokerbros Freerolls are held daily. This is possible thanks to the system of Pokerbros clubs and unions. It is interesting to note, at this point, that the market and the offer of applications based on clubs have been growing steadily in recent years. When we talk about a Pokerbros union, we refer to a group of clubs that share tables of players. Thus, in the same Pokerbros app you can find poker unions in which clubs join forces to offer massive traffic. Thus, the clubs share traffic and games under the administration and management of each of the unions.

Is Pokerbros legit?

Pokerbros is certified by Gaming Labs, iTech Labs and BBM Testlabs, which guarantees a clean and fair game for players. In addition, it has a dedicated Gaming Integrity team that works to ensure that the virtual playing field is safe. They constantly monitor all aspects of application security. In this sense, they have developed their own control panel to detect any kind of suspicious behavior through a live alert system. The Game Intregrity Bros team, as it is called, has a proactive detection rate of 97-98%.

In addition to these security measures for players, Thinklean Limited is the legal entity that oversees the development and operation of Pokerbros. So, we hope we have dispelled all your doubts about whether Pokerbros is legal.

When joining a Pokerbros club, we recommend that you take into account our opinions and choose only those clubs that transmit security and that you know will respond appropriately:


ID: 1640957

Best Pokerbros clubs

By accessing the Pokerbros app you have at your disposal a huge amount of possibilities to play in the biggest Pokerbros clubs. However, if you want to know which are the best Pokerbros clubs, we encourage you to try your luck in our recommendations. Remember that each club establishes its own rules, so the preferences among players can vary greatly. When choosing a club on Pokerbros, you have to take into account aspects such as: player traffic, variety of games and tournaments, privacy and also the reliability of the club itself.
If you also give importance to each and every one of these aspects, we have the best recommendations for you. Here are the best Pokerbros clubs, popular for their transparency, reliability, high traffic and good offer of games and tournaments.

Neon Poker

ID: 1640957
App: Pokerbros
Country: USA
Traffic: NHL, Omaha, MTT