The PPPoker App was, without a doubt, one of the pioneering poker apps in the world of online gambling. It was one of the first online poker platforms whose gaming experience was based on international and private poker clubs, managing to create a community of poker players from more than 100 different countries since its launch in 2016.

In this PPPoker App Review we will talk about important aspects of this app, such as:

PPPoker How it works?


As you can imagine, the first thing you’ll need to do is download the PPPoker App, which is available for iOS and Android. You can do it from here:

It is also possible to download PPPoker for PC by going to the official website and downloading the client.


The next step you will need to complete is to create a PPPoker account. To do this, register on the PPPoker App by entering your username and password.


Now it’s time to choose among the best PPPoker clubs to play poker online. To do this, you just have to click on Join a club and enter the ID of the club you have chosen. As soon as the administrators of the PPPoker club you have chosen admit you, you will be able to start playing.

We remind you the ID of the best PPPoker Club!


ID: 1267813

Now that you are registered and you have already joined a reliable and trusted club, we explain some of the ins and outs of how PPPoker works, so that your use of the app is much easier. As you will see as soon as you start to play with the app is that it is very intuitive, so much so that in your profile you can consult tutorials on how PPPoker works, so that you do not miss anything of what this poker app has to offer. Even so, we are going to detail the key points of the app in our PPPoker Review.

Multitabling in PPPoker

Multi-table play is possible in PPPoker. On mobile devices you can play on up to three tables simultaneously in any of the hundreds of clubs available in this application. And, if you prefer to play on a computer, you can enjoy multi-table action on up to five different tables at the same time. In addition, they have recently updated the app so that multi-table action is possible at tables in different clubs and not necessarily at the same club every time.

Multitabling in PPPoker makes the game much more attractive and challenging regardless of the type of player you are, since the decisions to be made will have to be made with much more agility, plus you will have to follow the action of several games at the same time. Therefore, if this is your first time playing multi-table poker, we recommend that you start first on only two tables at a time, so that you can gradually adapt to this more intense game mode and so that you can expand your skills and abilities, while exercising your memory.

Other aspects that you should know in order to know how to use the PPPoker App are the following:

PPPoker Hand history

The PPPoker app has a hand history, through which you can have access to a maximum of approximately 200 hands. To download your hand history in PPPoker you only have to enter your profile, which is the place where you will find the history option. In addition, in Career you will also be able to see how you have run at the tables and consult the statistics of your evolution playing in this online poker application.

PPPoker Missions

PPPoker missions are certain easy to complete challenges that will help you get coins as a prize. Some of the missions that the app will give you to unlock coins are: see three hands in the forum, play a tournament, add five friends from gold games… As you can see, they are very simple challenges that will allow you to earn points so that you can access better content in the app.

But what are these coins for? Well, among other things, to unlock data from your rivals. We explain more in this PPPoker Review.

When you are at a table, if you click on your opponent’s avatar you will be able to know some interesting data that will help you understand what kind of player you are facing. Valuable data such as the VPIP percentage (that is, in what percentage of cases that player puts money in the pot before the Flop), the total hands played and the total games in which your opponent has participated. However, you need the coins to expand the information about the players by buying black cards that will help you unlock more statistics about your opponents, such as the PFR percentage (the PreFlop Raise, that is, the percentage of times a player enters the pot with a raise, before knowing the board), the steal percentage, how many times he has passed or raised, folds or how many times he has won. In short, data that will allow you to make a good and indispensable reading of your opponents.

Another place where you can win coins is in the global tournaments section of the lobby, where you will be rewarded with coins just for participating and, sometimes, also with cards to unlock the information we told you about your opponents.

What is the PPPoker Rake

The PPPoker rake is set by the host of each club, although it is usually 5% with a maximum of 3BB. Although it is rare to see higher rake fees, some PPPoker clubs go over 5%. Another point of interest about PPPoker rake is that no fees are charged before the flop.

Advantages of playing at PPPoker


Player traffic is constant, with thousands of tables available for play at any time of the day.


The types of poker available are very varied, finding No-Limit Hold'em, Pot Limit Omaha or Open Face Chinese, for example.


The app developers exclude cheaters and have made a great effort to avoid bugs and bots in the PPPoker App.


Deposits and withdrawals are recorded and documented, which means that your money is always safe.

PPPoker Tournaments: MTT y Spin Up

PPPoker tournaments have the most interesting guarantees, some of 50K and even 500K (talking about thousands of dollars). The types of tournaments that you can find in this app are:

SpinUp PPPoker

They are characterized for being very fast and dynamic tournaments, but also for having multipliers that help to increase the final price. They are tournaments designed for only three players, of which only one of them will emerge as the winner. With this definition you can already imagine that they are a good attraction, since they offer the possibility of winning a good sum of money in exchange for a very small entry fee. The PPPoker SpinsUp have two types: the PPST (all the clubs of a union share table) and the SpinUp of private tables.


The PPPoker multi-table tournaments (PPPoker MTT) are another of the great attractions of this app, since its jackpots are generous, as well as the prize pools to which players can aspire. To play them you only have to pay the initial buy-in in the registration period that has been determined. Keep in mind that if it is your first multi-table tournament you will have to be cautious in the first hands, since this type of tournament is characterized by the fact that the blinds are gradually increased. If you run out of chips, you will be out of the tournament.

Is PPPoker legit?

The PPPoker App, as we have already explained, is an online poker game platform that has its RNG (Random Number Generator) certified by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI). In addition, the developers of the application take fraud on their platform very seriously, which is why they have a severe anti-fraud team that is constantly on the lookout for bots and cheaters. As you can imagine, they don’t mince their words if they have to ban a player because they consider that their game is not clean. That’s the way they make sure that their users’ gaming experience is legitimate.

On the other hand, it is important to separate between the PPPoker App as a platform and everything behind it, that is, the administrators of each club. Keep in mind that, if you play real money in the PPPoker App, you will need to do it in serious and trusted PPPoker clubs, so we do not recommend you to improvise in PPPoker clubs that you do not know or of which you have no references. And this is because the money of the games is not handled by PPPoker, but by the owners of the clubs, hence the importance of playing only in serious PPPoker clubs and in which you can trust your deposits.

When joining a club do not gamble and choose only those with good references, such as:


ID: 1267813

Best PPPoker Clubs

In the network of PPPoker clubs you can find fun and entertainment 24 hours a day, thanks to the high traffic of players and thousands and thousands of tables where you can play online poker whenever you want. 

Remember that the platform does not control the deposits and withdrawals, but this management depends entirely on the clubs’ administrators. For this reason, it is essential that you play in transparent and trustworthy clubs, so that your money is not at risk. Do not trust any list of PPPoker clubs you find on the Internet and pay attention to the recommendations.

The best PPPoker club to play online poker in this app is the following:

Twelve Apostles

ID: 123456789
App: PPPoker
Country: Australia
Traffic: MTT, SNG, NLH, PLO, PLO5, OFC