Top 10 Best Poker Books for Advanced Players

For poker training to be effective, it is necessary to turn to reliable sources that come from people who really have an important background in the world of poker. There are countless ways to train in the theoretical field to become a better poker player, but things get complicated when the player is already experienced and wants to become a pro.

In that case, it is necessary to look for sources or advanced poker books that contain specialized training in different aspects of the game. To make your search easier and to ensure optimal training, we have made a compilation of the best poker books for players who already know how to play poker, but want to become professional players.

Harrington at Hold’em Vol. I: Advanced Strategies for Poker Tournaments

Author: Dan Harrington and Bill Robertie

Dan Harrington is a professional poker player who has created several books explaining advanced strategies and concepts for poker pros. This volume is the first of several he has published for Texas Hold’em, and explains some of the top strategies. But beware, it is only for tournaments.

Volume II, entitled The End Game, focuses on No Limit Hold’em tournaments. Both volumes also feature Bill Robertie. The first volume focuses on the early stages of tournaments, while the second part focuses on the final stages of tournaments.

The Golden Book of Poker

Author: Phil Gordon

Phil Gordon, who has won over $1.2 million in prize money in poker tournaments in recent years, teaches in this book how to take advantage in postflop play. He goes through the mathematics needed to master this aspect, and unveils all the tools that today’s player must use to win. A good update for players who want to go one step further.

The Poker Tournament Formula 2: Advanced Strategies for Dominating High Buy-in Tournaments

Author: Arnold Snyder

A good compendium focusing on the strategies needed to dominate high buy-in poker tournaments. What Snyder does in this book is to focus on loose aggressive strategies for fast tournaments, used in the first volume of the collection, to adapt them to more expensive tournaments, teaching readers how to alter strategies depending on the structure of the tournament.

It also discusses the strategic approach to satellites, how to play in Sit & Go tournaments and different ways to estimate winrate. A must-have.

Mastering Poker: advanced online poker strategies to beat the bankroll

Author: Lukas Navarro

A good book focused on online poker, where the basics to beat the dealer are taught through the study of different patterns. In addition, the basic concepts of mathematics, strategy and psychology are explained to improve the skills of amateurs in just over 120 pages. A good overview for players who want to grow in online poker.

Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker: The Essential Guide

Author: Jonathan Little

This is the expanded edition of the manual that was published in 2011 and 2012 in two volumes. It has seven sections in total, including how tournaments work, how to play with large stacks, how to play with medium stacks, how to play with small stacks, what to know about the final stages, examples of hands and additional notes to keep in mind.

It is an essential guide for tournament poker players who want to take a step further in their quest for expertise.

Poker Cash Games: Tips to Crush Small Stakes

Author: Eugeneu L. Goodwinp

A good summary of the best strategies to win in small stakes games. A good starting point with which to master poker and on which to build the ambition of every amateur player: to become a professional player.

And everything, taking into account that this type of games are the basis for the growth of the pros players, so it is a good book to start mastering the small stakes and go looking beyond.

Texas Hold’em Poker: The Power of Strategy

Author: Daniel Negreanu

Negreanu is one of the best poker players of all time. His poker book gathers the keys to his peculiar style of play, and is a perfect manual for those who are looking to go one step further in their training.

The Canadian is one of the most recognized players in terms of strategy, so having a manual with his point of view on how to approach different situations in a Hold’em game is an added value of enormous utility.

Late-Stage Poker Strategy: The ICM Book

Author: Dara O’Kearney and Barry Carter

A fantastic book that focuses on the ICM, one of the most complex aspects for those who want to become professional poker players.

In its pages, it clearly explains what ICM is and how useful it is, as well as teaching when to adjust your game in the last stages of tournaments, when to call and when to play for the win, how to negotiate profitable deals at the final table, what are the optimal strategies for game selection, rebuying and late registration, as well as how to play with short, medium and large stacks at the end of tournaments.

It is the best poker book to go deeper into the ICM and know its real impact on the game, so it is a must have for professionals.

Excelling in Difficult No-Limit Hold’em Games: How to Overcome Low Limits

Author: Jonathan Little, Vito Gianfranco Barletta, Cristian Stival, Carlos German Barletta

Includes general tips for overcoming low limit games, preflop strategy adjustments, attack and defense strategies with c-bets, multiple pots, basic and advanced ICM, end-of-table strategies with medium stacks and extra tips for online poker players.

It offers a comprehensive overview of the game that will be of great help to those looking for a poker book with which to train together and become experts in the low-limit game.

The Advanced Poker Workbook: GTO & Exploitative Practice for Cash Games and Tournaments to Find More Bluffs and Extra +EV Sports

Author: James Sweeney

One of the best books on poker for cash games. It touches on important aspects, such as expected value and strategy with bluffs. All this makes it one of the most advanced and complete poker books out there. Highly recommended.

It also has practical cases to see the real impact of each aspect explained, being one of the few books that serve not only to read and train, but to practice while playing.

Don’t hesitate to expand your knowledge! Even if you are already an advanced poker player, it is always advisable to review the fundamental concepts and strategies of poker. Don’t miss the article we have prepared on The 10 best poker books for beginners.

Top 10 Best Poker Books for Advanced Players