Poker fish VS poker shark: what type of player are you?

The learning curve that every poker fan must experience allows a novice player to acquire new skills and abilities. Although among the experienced a fish in poker raises doubts and is usually exploited, in reality it is a position we have all been in and it is a natural phase of learning. A small fish […]

Shove in poker: what is it and why to do it?

Poker is full of strategic possibilities, and one of the most surprising is the all-in. This move, which consists of betting all the remaining chips, pushes the rest of the players into a complicated situation in which good judgment is key to succeed. In this post, we are going to tell you what is the […]

Pokertime Games: what poker games are in this app?

Pokertime is one of the applications that has grown the most in the online poker sector. One of the keys to its success has been the variety of games that Pokertime brings together in its app. By adding its range of games to the growing community of users, it is understandable why its app is […]

10 tips for advanced poker players

When you reach a certain level, you think you have already reached the top as a player, but in reality, you can still keep improving to become a very pro expert player. Although you may already be seasoned enough to seek advice, we are going to give you 10 tips for playing poker that can […]

10 Tips for Intermediate Poker Players

If you are disciplined and maintain your level of training and study, you will become a better and better poker player. There will come a time when you will stop being a novice without even realizing it, but you will still be a long way from rubbing elbows with the most pro players. To continue […]

10 tips for beginner poker players

Are you a newcomer to poker? We are sure that you will have a great time, but if you don’t know how to play well you will soon start to get frustrated. To start on a good basis, we have prepared a beginner’s decalogue so that you know in which 10 aspects you have to […]

The 10 best poker books for beginners

You probably already know that training is important in poker. But if you have little level, it’s normal that you get scared, especially when you don’t know where to start. Is it better to watch the pros play? To learn from videos on the Internet? To experiment at real fire tables? The truth is that […]

PPPoker Games: what poker games are in this app?

PPPoker is one of the most complete and secure platforms to enjoy online poker. Its huge variety of games, the security tools it has, the certifications that attest that it is a safe platform to play and the agility in the controls and navigation through the interface has made it greatly appreciated by the community […]

Poker strategy for tournaments: the keys to victory

Poker tournaments are the preferred modality for many players who love competitive poker. Although usually played on a point system, tournaments, due to their elimination structure and duration, offer a complete experience for all those looking to prove their level and face the best qualifiers. But playing a tournament is not the same as beating […]

Donk bet: what it is, when to make it and how to avoid it

A donk bet is associated in the game to a wrong bet, or made at the wrong time or when the play is already in another phase. It is associated to bad or nit players, who barely have the basic knowledge of poker. This compromises the game if there are players of higher level, since […]