Poker Gift Ideas – Gift Ideas For the Poker Player

Poker is one of the best-known games all over the world, and the poker booms we saw in the early 2000s (and are seeing again now) helped to grow the popularity even further. 

Birthdays and other occasions can leave us all feeling a little bit confused about what to buy for other people, but the best gifts often focus on hobbies, meaning that a poker player could be much simpler to buy for than you think. Like many other games, there’s a variety of merchandise that you can buy or even useful tools that can help people with their poker skills, as unlike many other casino games there is an element of strategy involved in playing poker online.

Poker Artwork

Poker artwork can be very famous, have you ever seen the portrait of the dogs playing poker? Imagery from the game can lend itself to some pretty interesting artwork, and on top of that, the cards themselves have interesting designs that can go on artwork for display. 

Artwork can be useful, too, and for beginner poker players it may even form part of the references they need for playing the game. Popular poker art includes posters that display the poker hand rankings which both look interesting with the patterns of the cards on display, they are also useful for new players. Someone playing a poker game could potentially put this in their office or whichever room they use for playing, and use it to check how strong their hand may be against others.

Poker artwork doesn’t have to be expensive and there are some nice framed posters that can make a big difference to the players.

Custom Chips

Thoughtful and unique gifts can be some of the most appreciated gifts there are, and custom chips are surprisingly easy to make. 

You can also consider things like custom cards, which are also an option for the poker lover in your life. Using a simple service like Canva, it is possible to make a design based on your poker-loving buddy’s name (or other hobbies) and then get this printed. There are a few different companies offering this service to make it easier to order, and they tend to have quick turnaround times, too. 

Poker chips are needed to play the game in person, but they don’t even need to necessarily be part of the game and the way it is played, as making some custom chips can just be a cool item to put on display. 

Poker Books and Courses

Another gift that is useful for people who love to play poker. Stars from throughout the history of poker have written books, some of which are interesting tales of their successes and difficulties, as well as offering a unique insight into the world of poker. Some books are for beginners and show things like the poker rules and potential winning hands.

Poker books can also be about strategy and the techniques people may need to improve their abilities, and the good news for gift buyers is that there are loads of books on the market, meaning there’s a lot of choice, just make sure you don’t buy one that your friend already has.

Courses are another option, especially as some of the biggest stars in the history of poker have now started to offer courses on huge platforms including Masterclass, where Dan Negreanu is sharing some of the tips picked up in his dazzling career.


Poker players may enjoy wearing items that show that they are into the game, as a badge of honor! So many options are out there when it comes to poker clothing, from personalized tee shirts to things like socks with card decks printed on them. 

Another thing that people may find in their search for clothing is formal shirts which also have spades, clubs, hearts, or diamonds printed on them, which is particularly good if people have their own preference! Generally, though, they just look good and have a little nod to poker and card games.

Earrings and Cufflinks

Jewelry items are another option, and a quick search will show just how many earrings and cufflinks there are out there with interesting poker designs, and they can suit pretty much any budget, too. Cufflinks and earrings are good choices as they are something that can be kept for a long time, they’re also small and ideal if you need to send the gift. 


You know your own friends better than most, which means that you will probably have an idea of the kinds of things they will like – some might be into jewelry while others are most definitely not into jewelry. Books and learning resources can be a good option as it can give practical help, and personalized merch always shows that you’ve put a lot of thought into the gifts. 

Poker Gift Ideas – Gift Ideas For the Poker Player