The best poker clubs you can play at from Spain

Poker clubs are an excellent way to exploit the social component of the game. In addition to offering a number of advantages to players, this cohesive community of poker fans allows each user to enjoy multiple advantages, such as a constant and growing traffic, the possibility of promoting and making the club part of a union, and finding players for a wide range of games.

The best poker clubs in Spain from EasyPokerApps

EasyPokerApps is one of the best platforms to hit the nail on the head both when it comes to knowing which poker app to play in and when it comes to finding and choosing a poker club.

Through EasyPokerApps you can have access to PPPoker, X-Poker, Pokerbros, Pokertime and Suprema, some of the best apps to enjoy online poker and that have their own poker clubs.

A few lines below you will find a short list with the best active poker clubs, along with their IDs to speed up your search. Thus, you will be able to join them without any complications. And remember that in EasyPokerApps you can also learn more about poker clubs for professional players, perfect for the top ones.


  • Twelve Apostles: ID: 1267813


  • 226 Club: ID: 226226


  • Neon Poker: ID: 1640957


  • Lucky Monkey: ID: 113159


  • Choco Club: ID: 1371999

Club GG

  • QQ Club: ID: 811072
  • JJ Club: ID: 792703
  • Poker Insanity: ID: 711424

In addition, if you want to know more in depth some of the data of the main poker apps where these clubs are located, in EasyPokerApps you can find more information in detail to know what to expect from each app.

What are the differences between playing poker as part of a club and playing solo?

Playing poker in a club and playing solo have some significant differences that greatly enhance the user experience.

  • Greater social interaction. In a poker club, there is more intense social interaction. You can meet new people, discuss strategies, and enjoy the company of other players. In solitaire, the experience is more individualistic and there is no direct interaction with other players.
  • Number of players. Thanks to the boost that the social side of poker receives, it is possible to facilitate the search for games with players, speeding up matchmaking and avoiding waiting times.
  • Adapted game types. Being part of a poker club allows you to speed up the search for a game adapted to your taste. As there is a wider offer of games, it is easier to find a type of game that fits what the player is looking for, improving the experience and facilitating the meeting of players with similar preferences.
  • High and constant player traffic. One of the main reasons why players prefer to join a poker club is because it is much easier to find players with similar preferences. A club has a specific offer of games and members who want to play them, which makes it easier to find games to join. Poker clubs greatly improve traffic, which helps to find online poker games quickly.

Are poker clubs in Spain legal?

Poker clubs in Spain are not regulated as such, but these virtual associations of players are not illegal. What’s more, they have proven to be a perfect tool to allow players from different cities to enjoy sharing a pleasant time in an online poker room. Far from the traditional experience that many players think poker offers, being part of a club, the social aspect of the game is the order of the day.

If we talk about legislation, it is important to differentiate between clubs understood as online clubs where several players are part of the same lobby, and physical poker clubs understood as organizations of players related to live poker competition.

The former are legal and, in fact, the main poker apps, depending on the country where they provide their services, allow players to join in order to exploit all the possibilities offered.

The latter are limited by law, since poker associations for playing poker have very little room for maneuver from a legal point of view.

As for the main offer of virtual poker clubs, it is focused on cash games with lower limits than in live poker, spin tournaments, MTT games, SNG… In general, it is difficult to find clubs with tournaments of more than five tables, although depending on the volume of traffic and the peak of online users this can change.

The best poker clubs you can play at from Spain