Born in 2019 in China, the Pokertime app has been carving a niche in the online poker industry to become a benchmark for those looking for a smooth game and tables occupied by recreational players.  In addition to a not inconsiderable traffic, with the highest peaks coinciding with the afternoons in Asia, Pokertime has a number of advantages that justify the appreciation of its users. In this Pokertime review we address the most interesting points of one of the Chinese apps of the moment.

What will you find in this Pokertime Review? Everything you need to know to be convinced and try one of the most leading real money apps. These are the points we will cover:

Pokertime how it works?

If the Pokertime app has become popular for something, it has been for its vanguardism, separating itself from other Chinese poker apps. To know all the benefits of Pokertime, you have to start by downloading the app. The application has been developed for both Android and iOS, so if you want to enjoy Pokertime on your computer, you must have an emulator.

Here are the steps to install the Pokertime app on your device.


We recommend downloading the app from a safe and reliable source. You can do it from Pokertime’s own website, where you have an official QR code that you will have to scan to download the app. We will give it to you below:


You can register either with a phone number or with an email. Choose a password for your account and confirm. In addition, you can create up to three different accounts on one device. When you create your account, you will receive a four-digit code that you will need to confirm to choose your username. At this step, you will need to translate it into simplified Chinese. 


Contact Pokertime and inform them about your registration. You will have to tell them your username and the ID that you will find in your profile in order to join the best Pokertime clubs.  Once inside the app, you will find the main lobby from where you can choose the game that suits you best. You have filters that will simplify your search and adjust to your requirements. In addition, the Pokertime software has options with which you can customize the appearance of the game tables and cards, creating an even more exclusive experience.

We remind you the IDs of the best Pokertime Clubs!!


ID: 113159

Have you already joined a club? Then stick around to find out everything you need to know about this poker app!

Pokertime traffic

Once you have completed all the steps to create your account, you will be able to enjoy all the excitement of online poker whenever and wherever you want. And, as we have already told you at the beginning, Pokertime’s traffic is one of its strong points. So much so that you can find more than 150 tables in action simultaneously in the app’s lobby. It is important to note that Pokertime traffic may vary depending on your geographical location. The highest traffic peaks, if you are in Europe, are concentrated in the evenings. However, if you are in Latin America, they correspond to the early morning hours. The reason? The vast majority of Pokertime players are Asian.

This translates into two things to keep in mind: soft play and an app written in Chinese. As far as the latter is concerned, don’t worry. Pokertime’s interface design makes it a very intuitive and easy to use app, saving this, a priori, handicap. In addition, there is a very recent English version.

Pokertime games

And if we talk about traffic, we could not forget to tell you about Pokertime games. Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi Lo, Razz, 5 Card Draw or 5 and 7 Card Stud are waiting for you at Pokertime. Despite this variety, it is worth mentioning that Pokertime leans towards the most popular and common poker modality: Texas Hold’em, of which you can find NLH and ShortDeck games. On the contrary, versions of Omaha, such as Pot Limit, are not available in the Pokertime app.

Besides, it doesn’t matter what your bankroll is. On Pokertime you can find from free games to those with very low buy-ins. There are also games for those who have a larger bankroll, reaching hundreds of dollars of buy-in.

At the tables you will find, in general, the NLH8 max. format and the 6-7 max. in high stakes.

Pokertime deposits & withdrawals

At Pokertime they have it clear: deposits must be easy and withdrawals must be fast. Both must be safe operations, so that users feel at ease.

For that reason, in Pokertime, the user is the one who manages his deposits and withdrawals. Without intermediaries. You will not need a poker agent or a club manager to carry out these transactions.

For greater security and control, Pokertime relies on reliable payment methods, such as Bitcoin and USDT, which offer extra confidentiality.

How's the Pokertime Rake

Rake is one of the most important concepts in poker. It is the percentage that Pokertime charges, in this case, on both cash tables and cash tournament registrations. The rake structure at Pokertime is on the player’s side since only winning players pay this commission or rake. Thus, in case of negative results in the game, you will not be charged rake.

Thus, the rake at Pokertime poker is calculated at the end of the session of the tables, which are created with a time limit ranging from one hour to two and a half hours. The percentage of the rake that Pokertime takes will always depend on the limit, as well as on the winnings. In this sense, we can speak of a distribution of this style:

  • From 10/20/40 a 4% rake
  • Up to 5/10/20 5% rake
  • At all Short Deck Hold’em limits 2% rake

Thus, the rake in Pokertime is one of the most remarkable aspects of this Chinese app. As you can see, it ranges between 2% and 5%, a huge advantage if we take into account that, in the rest of the Chinese apps, it stands at 5%.

And if we talk about the rake, we have to mention the rakeback, that is, that percentage of the rake that is returned to the player. Unlike other Chinese apps, Pokertime replaces rakeback with attractive promotions, such as its well-known Lucky Card, very popular among its users. This promotion is announced every day with a lucky hand. The truth is that it can touch you more than once in the same day, obtaining interesting prizes. For example:

  • If you hit 3 times: 5BB
  • If you win 7 times: 1% of the prize pool
  • If you win 11 times: 5% of the prize pool

Advantages of playing at Pokertime

A traffic that guarantees action-packed tables, a rake structure on the player’s side, a modern interface that allows customization of different aspects and the Lucky Card promotion are, in themselves, enough reasons to take the plunge and try the Pokertime app.

Need more? Check out the advantages you will benefit from when you join Pokertime clubs:

Multi-account structure

The Pokertime app allows you to create and have up to three accounts on the same device, a feature that will allow you to develop your game on multiple tables, increasing your chances of winning by being able to play more hands. Try it!

Fair play guaranteed

The Gaming Labs certification, which Pokertime has, guarantees the absence of cheating at the tables of this app. In fact, the administrators of this poker app exercise an instant veto on those players who do not comply with the rules, so it always plays fair.


Both your money and your privacy are safe if you choose Pokertime. Your money transactions are recorded and recorded, enhancing security. In addition, you will not need to provide any personal information to make these transactions. Nor do you need to play at Pokertime clubs.

Immediate deposits and withdrawals

Apart from being you who manages both transactions without intermediaries, both deposits and withdrawals are done instantly. Once you make the deposit, you will have the money available in your balance so you can start playing quickly.

Pokertime Tournaments

Pokertime’s gaming offer is limited to NLH and ShortDeck cash games. Tournaments are still a pending subject for this Chinese app, which will certainly incorporate exciting tournaments in the future.

Is Pokertime legit?

The RNG certification, issued by Gaming Laboratories International, which Pokertime holds, guarantees the security and legality of this Chinese app. In addition, the Pokertime team has efficient security systems with which they constantly check the game in order to protect all its users.

However, like all apps based on poker clubs, it is necessary that you study well which club you join, so that you know that it is run by trusted administrators. The ones we know and recommend you from EasyPokerApps are:


ID: 113159

Best Pokertime Clubs

Unlike other Chinese apps, in Pokertime we do not find the system of clubs with different agents. Instead, we find a general pool of players in the main lobby, with a good traffic. Thus, immediately after opening the app, you will find all the available tables. The games are organized and supported by the Pokertime team itself.

In addition to that, in the Pokertime App we find one of the most popular clubs of the moment: Lucky Monkey. By entering the ID 113159, you can join this exclusive club that promises excitement and fun in equal parts.

To join this club, remember that you must first download the app, create your account and contact the Pokertime team to let them know your username and the ID you have chosen. Then tell them which Pokertime Club you want to join and start enjoying.

Here are the best Pokertime club recommendations:


ID: 113159
App: Pokertime
Country: xxxx
Union: xxxx
Traffic: NLHE, SD, Omaha, Texas Fishing, MTT