This Chinese poker app stands out for a modern interface, a general pool of players and a traffic composed, for the most part, of Asian players who play a soft game that is very attractive to many poker players.






How's the traffic of Pokertime?

The Pokertime app’s traffic peaks coincide with the evenings in Asia, when more than 150 tables can be seen throughout the lobby. Despite this, Pokertime’s traffic is characterized by remaining stable throughout the day, which translates into 24/7 action.

If we play from Europe, the most favorable hours to enjoy a stable and fluid traffic would coincide during the day and early afternoon. Thus, we see how the tables are created every 2 hours or, at most, 2 hours and a half.

Broadly speaking, there is a preference for the NLH variant in 8max format and 6-7 max. in high stakes. In general, the number of tables is usually distributed as follows:

  • NL60 USD // 1/2 (4) CNY = 30 tables, approx.
  • NL120 USD // 2/4 (8) CNY = 20 tables, approx.
  • NL300 USD // 5/10 (20) CNY = 15 tables, approx.
  • NL600 USD // 10/20 (40) CNY and more = 5 tables, approx.

Download the Pokertime App on iOS or Android from this official QR:

Experienced players, taking into account the type of traffic on Pokertime, know that they can make a lot of money, since they face opponents, whose level reaches amateur status. However, it is also possible to face players who do not come from Asia, such as players from the USA or Australia.

As of today, the application has more than 12,500 registered players worldwide, and is expected to grow unstoppably. And no wonder. In terms of traffic alone, this is one of the most attractive features of this app.

In terms of profitability, the best Pokertime club is Lucky Monkey, which has NLHE, SD, Omaha, Texas Fishing, MTT traffic.

We remind you the IDs of the best Pokertime clubs!


ID: 113159

The action remains practically unchanged throughout the day and you can find games with really low limits, with an initial buy-in equivalent to $0.015. Again, another reason to attract players who are just starting out in poker or who simply want to enjoy this exciting game while investing very little.

The best of all is that, as soon as you master the cards and have some experience, you can get your first winnings quickly. Remember that the tables are mainly integrated by passive tight players or fishes, whose main objective is to have fun.

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