After playing on PPPoker for years and, taking advantage of the experience and immersion in this poker app so renowned, Suprema Poker Alliance decided to create its own app, bringing with it more than 300 poker clubs of mostly Brazilian traffic. Suprema’s Union was the largest in PPPoker, something that allowed them to get out of this app and create their own software, their own technical team, their own rules and their own game management.

In this Suprema Review we will talk about key aspects of this app, such as:

How does the Suprema App work?


To play on Suprema, the first thing you will need to do is download the app, which is available for both Android and iOs. You can download the Suprema App from here:

The Suprema App is also available to play from PC. To download the Suprema client you only have to enter the official website of this application.


Create your Suprema Poker account. Register by entering your username and password and confirm this information with the verification code that will be sent to the email you have linked.


Have you already registered? Well, now it’s time to join one of the clubs you’ll find available at Suprema. Click on the magnifying glass and look for the best Suprema Poker clubs. You will have to wait until the club administrators accept your application to be able to play.

We remind you the IDs of the best Supreme App Clubs!!


ID: 1371999

Now that you have joined a Suprema App club, you will need to know all the ins and outs of this application: what features it has, what sections you need to know, etcetera. Therefore, we will explain how Suprema Poker works, so that your experience in this app is the best possible.

How's the Suprema lobby?

In the lower part of the lobby we will find two types of games: tournaments and Ring Games, which are Suprema’s cash games. Within the latter we will find the different tables where we will be able to play with fictitious money, simply to play poker and have a fun time escaping from the routine without the need to make any investment.

The tournaments range between 1 and 10,000 reais and the Ring Games, on the other hand, start at 4 reais. The prizes vary according to the modality, which is why the total number of participants varies between 15 and 20%.

In the lobby we will also find the clubs we have joined and, entering each of them, we will be able to see the tables and tournaments they have, as well as a small filter section to select poker varieties. These varieties are NHL (the traditional game with two cards) and PLO (the game with four or five cards). But, in addition, you can find other poker modalities of the most common and easy to find in any online poker app. Suprema has not wanted to stay behind, as you can see.

To deposit and withdraw money in Suprema App you will need to contact directly with the administrators of each club, as usual in this type of poker apps. That is why we recommend that you only play in trusted clubs, in those of which you have enough references to know that your money will be safe.

How's the Suprema Rake

As it happens in the vast majority of poker apps based on clubs, the rake percentage is defined by the administrators of each particular club. However, you should check the information of the game before entering the table, since the Supreme rake may vary depending on the variety of poker and if the tables are individual.

Usually, you can check that the Suprema Poker App rake is 5% (up to 3 Big Blinds) in NLH and PLO.

Suprema Poker App Traffic

If you are encouraged to download Suprema’s app you will be rewarded with a wide range of poker games, both Texas Hold’Em and Omaha or ShortDeck. Stakes start at 0.2 or 0.2 BRL and can reach up to 15 or 30 BRL for Texas Hold’Em variety games and up to 50 or 100 BRL for Omaha Poker games.

Suprema Poker App’s player traffic peaks at times that coincide with Brazilian afternoons and evenings (note that the majority of the app’s players are Brazilian). The app has evolved to reach more than 70 countries and more than 200,000 players, so the traffic is continuous practically all day long, even outside peak hours.

Advantages of playing at Suprema App

Recreational players

Most of the traffic of this poker app consists of casual players, mostly from Brazil, so the peak traffic is concentrated in the evening hours in this country.


The efforts of the administrators of this application to eliminate the risk of bugs or cheating players that can produce collusion are exemplary, so the game is transparent.


Suprema Poker has the RNG guarantee certificate from Gaming Labs. In addition, the technical team makes sure to avoid bugs and cheats in the application, to maintain the transparency of the game throughout your experience.

Daily tournaments

One of the biggest advantages of this app is the wide variety of daily tournaments that you can find in different modalities (MTT and Sit&Go tournaments among them). Buy-ins are usually low.

Is Suprema legit?

Yes, Suprema Poker App is legal. It has an RNG (Random Number Generator) certificate from Gaming Labs. With this app it happens as with the vast majority of poker applications that are based on clubs in which to play: they do not offer real money services and, therefore, are not required to have a gaming license.

The financial relationships that may exist (deposits and withdrawals to buy chips in Suprema App) are made between the players and the administrators of each club. Therefore, it is essential that you are selective when choosing the best Suprema clubs, to make sure that their administrators are trustworthy people to whom you can entrust your money deposits.


ID: 1371999

Best Suprema Clubs

Entertainment is more than assured in Suprema App’s list of hundreds of clubs. High traffic, recreational players, daily tournaments and a wide variety of tables is what awaits you in this poker app.

Just remember that you should only trust the best Suprema Poker App clubs, those that are transparent and trustworthy. Our most exquisite recommendation is:

Choco Club

ID: 1371999
App: Suprema
Country: Brazil
Union: Suprema
Traffic: NHL, PLO4, PLO5, PLO6, MTT, PFC, 6+, PLOP H/L, SNG