Suprema is one of the newest poker platforms for playing online poker. Precisely because of its youth, it was faced with the challenge of surviving alongside some of the strongest names in the entire industry.

Surprisingly, however, it has been one of the best growth performers since it was launched in 2021.





How is the traffic in Suprema Poker App?

Suprema Poker is a poker application based on several big Brazilian clubs in the PPPoker Liga Suprema alliance. It was founded in 2021 and successfully managed to transfer its entire player base, who remained loyal to the new platform. This allowed the clubs to continue their normal operations, optimizing their performance.

Download the PPPoker App on iOS or Android from here:

You can also download Suprema App for PC by simply going to the official website and downloading the client.

Suprema Poker’s prospects were therefore very good, as it maintained the player base of Liga Suprema and expanded into the Brazilian market, where the potential for growth was very high.

However, the experience accumulated by PPPoker’s Liga Suprema alliance community allowed Suprema to grow at a steady pace, but without taking risks. In this way, the half-life syndrome was combated, making Suprema’s growth prospects to be upward and continuous. So much so that the Suprema App has had a brilliant reception in the Latin American poker market, a fact that leads us to affirm that the current traffic will be expanded to other countries and that the traffic limit of this poker app has not yet reached its maximum zenith.

In terms of economic performance, the best Supreme club you can play for is Choco Club.

We remind you the IDs of the best Clubs of Suprema!


ID: 1371999

One of Suprema Poker’s advantages, and one that has a lot to say in its growing volume of traffic, mainly inherited from PPPoker’s Suprema League, is that it kept traffic high while combining the smoothness of the playing field, making access easy and registration uncomplicated.

Ease of use has a lot to say for a platform that aims to grow steadily, especially when it comes from other platforms and plans to start from scratch.

Suprema Poker currently has more than 2,000 active tables, improving game selection and expanding into clubs. In addition, given its strong presence in Brazil, it is a platform designed to attract a massive local user base.

Its traffic is mostly NHL, PLO4, PLO5, PLO6, MTT, PFC, 6+, PLOP H/L, SNG.

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