PPPoker Games: what poker games are in this app?

PPPoker is one of the most complete and secure platforms to enjoy online poker. Its huge variety of games, the security tools it has, the certifications that attest that it is a safe platform to play and the agility in the controls and navigation through the interface has made it greatly appreciated by the community of players.


It is one of the highlights of PPPoker. Multi-table tournaments are the order of the day and allow players to enjoy tournaments of different levels to find tables according to the background and experience of each user.

This is the main attraction of PPPoker’s game offer, although it is composed of other types of games, from the traditional No Limit Hold’em and Omaha poker tables to other new modalities adapted to the western market, such as Tongits, which we will see later.

The main advantage of PPPoker is that it simplifies the system of creation and membership of a club. This makes it much easier to assign tables, allowing a search for real players to play in less time. Some of the best current clubs are part of the PPPoker network, so consider the option if you are not already part of one.

Poker Missions

These poker missions are actually small challenges that allow you to earn additional rewards for overcoming game-related objectives, but are not dependent on winning.

It is a way to encourage fair, clean and honest play. In addition, this way the player is pushed to improve his style of play, rewarding him for doing well and refining it.

Each type of game has its own secondary objectives, which give shape to these poker missions with which to add an extra reward to your particular prize pool. It is possible to obtain these rewards, even if you lose at the table, since these lists with additional objectives have nothing to do with the performance of the main game, but with the user’s way of playing.

Spin Up Tournaments

One of PPPoker’s updates brought new games, such as Spin Up. These are 3max hyper-turbo SNG tournaments. These tournaments set a random reward to which a multiplier is added. In other words, players never know how much they are going to fight for, until the game starts.

The multipliers that can be applied are chosen randomly, and can multiply the buy-in price by up to 1,000.

Thus, these tournaments combine unbridled rhythm, constant action, face-to-face duels and large prizes. It is a type of game designed for the lover of melee and unlimited action.


PPPoker has games to bore you. Not only in terms of the standard offer of games, with Texas Hold’em tables, Omaha poker and other varieties of different level and style. It also includes some interesting games that inherit some principles from Asian poker, which has more and more followers in the West.

Tongits is a type of game called “rummy”. Designed for 3 players, it is very popular in the Philippines, one of the epicenters of poker in Asia. It is a type of game in which the player who gets rid of all the cards, or the one who ends up with the lowest number of points, wins.

Although in PPPoker cash games occupy a very important place in the recreational offer, this type of games allows expanding the offer to the community of players of the platform. Taking into account that the PPPoker community is made up of users from all over the world, PPPoker’s priority is to include game modes that allow it to offer what all users are looking for. That is why the offer is so wide and new games are being added to PPPoker.

Why play at PPPoker

There are many reasons to choose PPPoker as a platform to enjoy poker games.

  • High traffic. All PPPoker games enjoy constant traffic. That allows for quicker table assignments, helping players find a game that suits their preferences and get into the action without the typical tedious waiting times. And the experience is even better playing under the umbrella of a club.
  • Variety of games. It is the strong point of PPPoker: cash games, multi-table tournaments, Hold’em and Omaha tables with and without limit, tongits, 3max hyperturbo games… You will find the game you want in record time and you will be able to start playing without complications.
  • Security certifications. PPPoker has all the quality seals that certify that you are in front of a 100% secure platform. You can enjoy the best experience without worrying about anything but winning.
  • Honest and transparent. What you see is what you get. PPPoker is a leader in games, security tools, poker clubs, game varieties and growth of its community of players. You won’t find a poker platform that tells it like it does.

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PPPoker Games: what poker games are in this app?