The 10 best poker books for beginners

You probably already know that training is important in poker. But if you have little level, it’s normal that you get scared, especially when you don’t know where to start. Is it better to watch the pros play? To learn from videos on the Internet? To experiment at real fire tables?

The truth is that the basis is always theoretical, and from there you will not advance if you do not learn well what are the basics of basic poker theory.That is why we have prepared a small compilation with some of the best poker books for beginners that you can turn to in case you need to expand your knowledge.

Master Online Poker

Author: Julian Montenegro

Considering the prevalence of online poker, this is one of the best books to get an overview of what to expect and how to approach the early stages of a poker player’s career.

Through a series of chapters focused on the learning phases, it is possible to advance from the author’s hand, allowing you to acquire a very useful tutorial to begin to develop in any online poker room.

Master Poker: A Complete Guide for Beginners

Author: Raphael R.

This is a book for the ambitious, for those who want to pick up speed and learn the basics of poker at full speed. But keep in mind that there are no shortcuts, that between chapters it is necessary to devote hours to experimentation and practical training, but it is certainly very useful to have an overview of what to expect in poker games for beginners.

In addition, it allows to get into the first strategic steps of poker, starting to know the mathematical foundations of the game and establishing relationships between the situation of the cards and the calculations.

Texas Hold’em: Odds and Probabilities

Author: Matthew Hilger

Speaking of calculations: if you are looking for a book focused on odds and odds calculation, pay attention to this book by Matthew Hilger. He devotes the whole book to delve, in a didactic way and designed for beginners, into the vast world of poker strategy. It is a must have for any novice, one of the best poker books.

Poker up close

Author: José Obadía Chocrón

It is the right book if you have never had contact with poker and you are going to approach the game for the first time. It is also a good starting point if you want to take up the game from the beginning without fear of missing something important, as if you had never played. Something common among those who have had a first contact and soon stopped being interested in poker.

Poker: a look at its history and future

Author: Luis Miguel C.

If what you are looking for is to acquire background and learn more in depth about the origins of poker and the path it is following, this is the poker book for you. It does not go too deep into concepts or strategies, but offers a historical and evolutionary point of view of the game, but, even so, it is very useful.

More Hold’em Poker Wisdom for Everyone: 50 Tips to Turn You into a Winner

Author: Daniel Negreanu

What better way to learn than to soak up the advice of one of the world’s great poker players. Negreanu is an authoritative voice and is an unparalleled teacher of knowledge. And best of all, he does it through a series of tips that are easy to assimilate and with a didactic, simple and not at all complex language, always thinking about what a player with little experience needs.

Texas Hold’em: Master the most effective strategies and win at poker

Author: Raphael R.

In poker it is difficult to advance if you do not begin to assimilate certain complex concepts, and this book is a good way to start playing without fear of experimenting with some strategies. Best of all, it is easy to follow and is divided into levels of difficulty, helping you to follow each point in detail.

Total Poker

Author: David Spanier

It is in English, but it is one of the most useful compendiums for those players with little experience. If what you are looking for is a book that brings together the essentials to start gaining confidence, do not hesitate. As long as language is not a problem, of course.

Strategies for winning at low-cost poker tournaments

Author: Jonathan Little

A good poker book for beginners that focuses on low-cost tournaments. As you will soon see, strategy changes radically when moving from cash games to tournaments, and within tournaments, the buy-in often determines the strategic choices. There are many poker books that talk about how to play in tournaments, but this is one of the best if you are looking to specialize in low-cost games.

Super System Deluxe

Author: Doyle Brunson

This is one of the best poker books you can find despite the years. It is written by a poker legend like Doyle Brunson, who left an impressive legacy to the new generations and who was one of the best thinking minds of modern poker.

Thanks to his enormous experience and years of dedication, he managed to shape what for many is the best poker book with which to start facing the game. Undoubtedly, a great way to begin to gain experience and be sure that nothing is missing to train and go up a level.

If you want to continue training, but you are no longer a novice, do not hesitate to consult our list of manuals for high-level players.

The 10 best poker books for advanced players

Bonus Extra! The Theory of Poker

Author: David Sklansky

All these books are suitable for any poker novice, but The Theory of Poker is considered by many as the “Poker Bible”. It is a basic book for any amateur who wants to start his first steps in the world of poker, a must-have that cannot be missed in the collection of any player who wants to improve his game.

It gives a detailed and didactic overview of what it means to play poker, combining concepts, strategies, tactics and formulas that every poker player needs to know. A must that you should not ignore.

The 10 best poker books for beginners