What is a poker club and what are the benefits of joining one?

More and more card fans are talking about the benefits of joining a poker club. Variety of cash games and tournaments, high traffic and action-packed tables 24/7, with accessibility for players from any corner of the planet and guaranteed safe play, are just some of the advantages that thousands of players already benefit from.

If you still don’t know what a poker club is, you’re in the right place. Below, we tell you everything you need to know about poker clubs, what their characteristics are and why you should join the best ones.

Characteristics of poker clubs and where to find the best ones

Let’s start with the basics: what is a poker club? In general terms, it is a group of players who have joined together in a private space to play poker games or tournaments. In the online poker world, poker clubs are hosted by poker apps.

By downloading one of these poker apps, such as PPPoker, X-Poker or Pokerbros, you have the option to join a poker club or create your own. In the case of joining a poker club, you will have to enter the club ID, or identification number, to join.

Once you are in, you will benefit from a high traffic of players from practically every corner of the planet. This is a very interesting aspect, taking into account that if, for example, you are just starting to play poker, the opportunity to face Asian players will be very beneficial for your learning and to get your first winnings.

These private clubs belong to what is known as a Union. Similar in function to a poker network in the case of rooms, a union encompasses several private clubs which share games and traffic with each other, given their membership in the same union. Therefore, you not only have to consider which club to join, but also which union it belongs to.

Thus, we could establish as characteristics of a poker club its belonging to a union, the possibility of playing with people from anywhere in the world, and its access through poker apps.

However, when it comes to traffic, variety of games and tournaments or aspects of security and reliability, abysmal differences can be found between some clubs and others.

The poker apps mentioned above, PPPoker, X-Poker or Pokerbros, along with Pokertime or Suprema, are excellent options to join a safe and reliable club. When choosing a poker club, you have to analyze certain aspects such as the app where they are located, the rakeback benefits, the personalized treatment they can give to the player and the reliability of the administrators of each club who are, after all, the ones who manage deposits and withdrawals.

Therefore, choose to join clubs such as Twelve Apostles, 226Club, Choco Club, Lucky Monkey, Neon Poker, Sparcks Chips, Tea Time or Time2Win, clubs that you will find in these apps, and that have excellent references and proven reliability.

Both offer their users very similar advantages, which justify their unstoppable growth. Do you want to know what these benefits are? We will tell you about them below.

Poker club: advantages of being a member of one of them

Joining a poker club brings with it a series of advantages. As with poker rooms, not all clubs have the same benefits, nor can they offer high traffic or guarantee the security of deposits or withdrawals.

Therefore, we will focus on highlighting the advantages of the clubs mentioned above, of which we know that they fulfill everything a poker player expects to find in a club, but on top of that they stand out in the treatment with the players, fun and security. Let’s see in detail the advantages of being a member of one of these clubs:

Modalities of play

To meet the variety of tastes of all members, the best poker clubs such as Time2Win or Twelve Apostles, both in the PPPoker app, or Neon Poker and Tea Time, in the Pokerbros app, offer a good variety of poker modes, from Texas Hold’em to some less known ones such as Open Face Chinese Poker.

In addition to cash games, tournaments are one of the strong points of the best poker clubs. These include Spins, Sit & Go tournaments or the exciting MTTs. Moreover, entries to these tournaments are significantly cheaper compared to the prices charged in the casinos.

Player traffic

When joining a poker club, player traffic is one of the aspects that you have to value the most, as the action at the tables will depend on it. The best clubs, such as 226Club, from the X-Poker app, or Lucky Monkey on the Pokertime app, enjoy high player traffic, which guarantees dynamic tables and a lot of excitement.

Other clubs with high player traffic are Choco Club on Suprema, Spark Chips or Time2Win on PPPoker.

Global access

As we mentioned at the beginning, a poker club opens the doors to opponents from all over the world. Remember that Asian players are one of the most sought-after profiles, both for poker beginners and professionals, as they allow some to learn and improve their game while others increase their winnings.


Enjoying poker safely is a prerequisite for having a good time. The platform or app in which a club is hosted performs constant reviews to ensure the safety of its users, detecting and eliminating malware and ensuring that no one is a victim of a scam.

Advantages and community

Knowing how different opponents play, of a great variety of levels and in different modalities, will only make you grow and advance in your learning of the cards. In addition, some club administrators have their own spaces on Telegram where they share their strategies and offer exclusive promotions to their users.

Advantages that you will enjoy only by being a member of a club. Do not leave your destiny as a player only at the online tables of poker operators, and decide to play surrounded by people who are interested in improving their game and go beyond the simple online rooms, the player who seeks another way of seeing poker, under the umbrella of the clubs, which after all, are communities that take care of their affiliates.

If you enjoy poker, the clubs will help you get to the next level, in addition to joining authentic communities that live for poker.

What is a poker club and what are the benefits of joining one?